Dear loved ones, sometimes I forget to tell you…

It goes without saying that those who have been or are in my shoes, and by that I mean, the well known travelling shoes, they will understand and know perfectly what I am trying to say here.

But this post it’s for those out there that don’t know it. This is for my loved ones at home, for my dearest and closest friends who I grew up with, or I have known for years and years. This is for everyone I will meet in the near and/or distant future.

It is time to come clean. I lied to you. No, that sounds bad. On certain occasions, I just voluntarily forget to tell you some things. Everyone who is far from home can relate to this, everyone has done it and everyone will do it. Whoever argues with me on this one is a liar! (or he/she will never leave home).

So, dear loved ones, sometimes I forget to tell you:

  1. that I had one too many tequila shots last night, so I am spending a whole day in bed with a hangover, rather than do any sightseeing or exciting things.
  2. that although I am an adrenaline junkie, sometimes all I want is to go for a walk in the park rather than a bungee-jump. I will do the exciting stuff as well. But not when you are expecting it.
  3. that I ate or drank something, which clearly didn’t agree with my stomach, and I spent several days being sick.
  4. that I fell in love.
  5. that it didn’t work out and I am now heart-broken, hence the tequila shots last night.
  6. that I met some unbelievable, amazing people who inspire me.
  7. that I met someone who is teaching me so much about life, and helps me see things in a new perspective.
  8. that I met some individuals who became close friends, and I confide in them, and I share my problems and my joys with them. But they will never replace you. My heart is big enough for all of you, for old and new friendships. They are here with me now, and I am with them.
  9. that I had a hard time adapting to a new culture.
  10. that sometimes I blame time difference for not speaking to you, when in reality I just didn’t feel like it. This doesn’t make me a horrible friend, it just makes me human, and I know our friendship is stronger than this.
  11. that sometimes I wish you’d be able to come and see me, and spend time with me. I miss you so much.
  12. finally, sometimes I forget to tell you that I have no idea when I will be home, and that I don’t want to stop this adventure just yet.

There are numerous reasons why travellers do this. But I will only attempt to speak from my own experiences.

I forget to tell you things because I don’t want to disappoint you. You all have an image of how great my life is, and probably for the most part, it actually is, and I love my life and what I am doing, but there are moments in which life sucks, and I don’t want you to know how hard it can get.

I don’t want you to worry too much. I know how much you love me, and you worry about my wellbeing, I don’t want to add any extra stress.

I am also afraid I might lose you. People change, I change. I miss a lot of important events back home, and on the back of my mind I always fear we might drift too far apart.

I don’t want you to think I failed.

I also don’t want you to think I replaced you, because I could never do that. And I want you to know that all your joys are mine too. And that I am here ( thanks to technology and all the social platforms) for you.