I flew across the Atlantic

Going to America it was never one my dreams, however after meeting a fair share of Americans in my travels across Europe, I developed an interest in this country and I was definitely intrigued by it. So one afternoon I decided it’s time for me to go and explore this part of the world, therefore I bought no one, but three flight tickets. Since the trip was planned for December, and some parts of me wanted to be in the sunshine, I decided California it’s my best option. After a 13h flight, I finally arrived to San Francisco. From San Francisco I took the Bart Train towards Oakland. Now, I know you think ‘what the hell is she doing in Oakland out of all the places she could have gone?’ Trust me, I heard that a lot since I’ve been here. The truth is, I didn’t pick Oakland, Oakland chose me. I didn’t visit it, and I don’t know anything about Oakland (apart that their home team is The Oakland Raiders). For the first 3 days of my American adventure I stayed in Oakland while visiting San Francisco during the day. I was lucky enough to meet Marc, who was my host for the three days I spent in Oakland/San Francisco. He was kind enough to take to a couple of amazing restaurants for dinner and to share with me stories of his travels and other people he hosted. I can completely understand why people go back to his when they are on holiday on that part of the country. image My first dinner in America! image Bagels for breakfast! image The Ramen Restaurant in Oakland! Even if I was in Oakland for breakfast and dinner, the rest of the time I spent it in San Francisco. If you’re coming from Europe, and you consider Europe your home, being by yourself in a huge city in America, can be pretty scary. I need to admit I was anxious that I won’t see everything that I want to see and I won’t explore enough and I won’t experience the true America. However, in my first day there I met Kim Lee, an over-enthusiastic man who offered to take me around and show me the best parts of San Francisco. The best part for me was that it was for free, the other good parts were about to follow. I cannot recommend enough that if you find someone who is willing to be your tour guide for the day, to take him/her up on the offer. There’s too much to see in a short period of time, so when you’re with a local they will know exactly where to take you. Now…it’s up to you to be open minded. The over-enthusiastic man came to pick me up in his car, and since everyone drives in America, that was no surprise, but when the interior of the car is cover in leopard print, and the driver insists in playing ridiculous load music, whilst having all four windows down, is when it gets serious. But I was a trooper, I put up with it, and thank God, nobody knew in San Francisco. All in all, it was a fun experience to add to my American holiday.

My three and a half weeks in America were divided between San Francisco, Sacramento, Los Angeles and Venice Beach, and ultimately New York. This is just a sneak peek of what I will write about in the next few weeks.  All the things I have been through, all the people I met, all fantastic food I ate are too much to integrate in one simple article, so I will attempt to break this experience in a few more detailed ones, hopefully before my next holiday.