Is there such thing as The Perfect Travel Companion?

Thank you Mandy! You are indeed the best travel friend I could have asked for! Love you lots! Xx

WhyNot Travel

You’ve all heard the stories. Best friends and groups of college mates, embarking off on the trip of a lifetime. What could be better then you, your friends and backpacking across the world? Two weeks into the trip Sue and Amy are at each other’s throats, Megan just bought a ticket home and as for Amanda… Shit no one’s seen her in days. Amanda was left in Spain.


Travelling is a facilitator of new, interesting and enduring friendships. It is also infamous for ruining friendships in irreparable ways. How can such a good thing be so bad for our human bonds?

The thing is, Travel is such a subjective experience and we all have our preferred choices. Some like it hot, some like it cold, some like it fast food, some like it slow and you get my drift. Just, HOW (?) when everyone wants to do something different, are you supposed…

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